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Heart Of Steel is now available on Amazon and Kindle.

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About the Book

My grandfather, Stanley William Miller was a man who kept a great many secrets. It wasn't until 1999 we learned our last name wasn't Miller. Our true name is Puchalski. Granddad took this information to his grave and it required some research to figure out why.

We first learned of our true name when an uncle of mine attended a funeral and received a folder of old newspaper clippings from 1920. The clippings described the details of a family tragedy and scandal over a two-week period in September, 1920 at my Grandfather's family farm. My Great Grandfather was murdered in his sleep, and an investigation ensued to find the murderer or murderers who committed the crime. My Great Grandmother was bound by ropes on her wrists and ankles and sent my twelve-year-old grandfather to bring the Sheriff.

My Grandfather and his four siblings ended up in an orphanage in Warren, Ohio. Orphanages in the 1920's were notorious for abuse by staff and even other children. It was a dangerous place to be as a child. My Grandfather decided to escape. He hopped a train to Chicago to find work in a steel mill and along the way he stumbled into bootlegging. His plan was to save enough money to rescue his siblings from the orphanage and care for them all. That was his plan.

After years of sacrifice for his family, Stanley eventually began to search for a life of his own. A self-made man at a very young age, he learned how to survive in the streets. He had connections to mobsters in the Ohio area, but was never a mobster himself. He did odd jobs for the mob, but never allowed the mob to do him any favors. He never wanted to be indebted to the mob in any way.

My Grandfather wanted a family of his own and the first time he met my Grandmother EmmaMae Flagg, he was smitten and determined to make this strong-willed Irish girl his wife. Their courtship and romance conclude the story. But not until the couple endure trials and tribulations of their own. You can say my Grandmother saved my Grandfather. Saved him from himself, from the difficult life he knew growing up, and saved him from following the same destructive road of his father.

My Grandfather was a "man's man". The type of man who would never complain about his situation, or any amount of pain he suffered, both physically or mentally. He was a rescuer. A protector. A man so many depended on because of his incredible inner strength and character.

I decided to write Heart of Steel to honor his memory and tell the story he never would. As the author, I promise the story will take you on an emotional journey from the depths of despair to the soaring heights of love and forgiveness. There is murder, mystery, drama, scandal, romance and a bittersweet ending. I invite you to Southington, Ohio, 1920.

Kevin D. Miller's Heart of Steel is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. Heart of Steel debuted as a #1 New Release for August 2019 and reached #1 as a Best Seller.

Heart of Steel is also available on Barnes & Noble in paperback.

Heart of Steel has earned the Reader's Favorite FIVE STAR badge and is creating a great deal of media attention.

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